Our Exclusive Discount Just for Realtors

For registered realtors, we offer our exclusive 10% discount on any landscaping services. You will always work privately with us and our team, allowing you to markup as you please while boosting curb appeal at the best prices around. Contact Freshly Cut Landscaping today for a free consultation on how we can help you attract buyers and sell your clients' properties faster than ever!

Helping You Turn Lookers Into Buyers

Staging a client's property goes far beyond decorating and cleaning their home. The right landscaping will make their property look bigger, brighter, and warmer. With Freshly Cut, you can increase the curb appeal and even boost the market value of your clients' homes. Best of all, we will help you sell, sell, sell!

"We were especially impressed with the care and attention Seth & Brian gave in helping us prepare this property to sell!" Sean Cantor - Forest Hill Vaughan