Humble Beginnings

Freshly Cut Landscaping was established in 2005. After a number of summers end with other companies and learning the trade, Freshly Cut Landscaping was launched. We started off in 2005 with a small client base which was mainly consisted of family friends and their neighbours in the Thornhill area. We began that spring with fifteen properties which were looked after on a weekly basis. By summers end we grew to an astounding seventy five clients situated in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and North York. This was mainly achieved by "word of mouth" referrals, and a strong and honest work ethic.

Landscaping Image

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to provide each client with above average quality service through our hard work and dedication. We strive to achieve customer confidence with our high performance and our friendly service. We mainly base our growth of "word of mouth" referrals, and would like each of our customers to feel 100% confident in referring us to others.

Our Values

Freshly Cut Landscaping and all its associates all posses a strong work ethic and take pride in all the jobs they complete. We base our company on honesty and integrity, and the ability to easily communicate in a friendly and timely manner with all its existing clients or potential customers.

Growth & Expansion

By the end of year two, our client list grew to an astounding one hundred and ten customers all around the GTA. As we entered year three, Freshly Cut continued to grow steadily to one hundred and thirty clients. At the conclusion of our fifth season, we had a very respectable clientele of one hundred and eighty customers. The rapid growth of our company was achieved with minimal advertising. The main reason for our steady increase was attributed to our quality of work and once again "word of mouth" referrals. Now heading into our eleventh season, Freshly Cut Landscaping has maintained a steady clientele and continues to grow at a rapid pace. We have expanded our service area to not only Thornhill, but Richmond Hill, North York, Maple and the surrounding GTA.

Our Team